Earth Angel Insight Day 18-Silence

IMG_0948Silence within…simply being aware…even when sounds ..stimulus..thoughts and actions are happening..

when we are quiet within…the world is seen through the eyes of peace… with no need to change what is so..rather moving through our day…
as if all of life is synchronizing…giving us that which we are…

simply observe and BE what you has so much to give…
when we allow it in…we experience life in miraculous ways… Heart to Heart Robyn

2 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 18-Silence

    • I have been thinking about you my friend! I am in Texas helping Das move into assisted living and in one week driving 1100 miles to help my sister move back to Michigan from Texas to work her dream job and be with her grand baby and kids.. Creating moments of silence amongst the activity. Thanks for coming in to honor my blog and taking your time to do so! This big change for our family is a step into much more silence for all of us as he gets the 24 hour care he needs!

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