Earth Angel Insight Day 21-Diversity

imageI am traveling through many different frequencies …being on the mainland… I get many opportunitys to stay in my serenity frequency as chaos can be magnified here.. We have been surrounded with celebration …and at the same time.. There has been the frequency of FEAR.. we are surrounded by wild fires here… Yet with the awareness of this diversity . At any moment …I am at choice to chose calm and serenity .. Which is such an awesome observation..

So my question for the rest of this week for you is … Who do you choose to be? …Awareness brings diversity … With all the amazing humanness that we are.. We can BE that which we chose to be .. Letting go of all the other stories we can tell.. We step into the DIVINE…living in the light…

Heart to Heart Robyn

I am traveling up from San Diego to Northern California to my Only Daughters graduation from Engineering … So I will be back in to post when I get back to Maui..In the time that I post again choose who you want to BE.. Your angels are with you!!