Earth Angel Insight Day 17-Balance

imageBalance… Pretty simple… We get exactly what brings us alignment automatically… as the exact vibration of BALANCE always appears in a cohesive synchronistic symphony… In the “New Earth Vibration” we see through the eyes of creation and creator.. Aware of what we are creating …having accountability…the impact that we have with our thoughts and actions….”causing what we want”… Seeing life as a miraculous IN foldment and being aware that even if a particular situation does not meet our expectations…we created it as a form of contrast…which has no stopping power…being aware of the clearing…vibrational attracting us to what’s next.

“The Old Earth Vibration” says …”you did it to me”… Or “I made a bad decision”..whatever that might be…and we seek apologies from others…feeling that we are owed something… guilt ..blame..and shame can set in of oneself ….rather than being aware that our creation is in perfect alignment…this vibration has a sense of being stuck in the past.. Being at effect of our creation…wondering how did this happen?…living in the fear of our history..

All of us have been given the opportunity to “cause” our life…being fully vital functioning human beings… With all possibilities at our fingertips.. Free to look at the world as if all of our experiences are brand new … We are the multidimensional beings we have been looking for …free to create anything .. Heart to Heart Robyn

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