Earth Angel Insight Day 16-Confidence

IMG_0703My first Day 16 insight was a re blog called Earth Angels Do Cry… Acceptance …yet I wanted to add Confidence.. whenever I think of Confidence…I think of the saying..”just do it”…and yet so many gifts and talents lay dormant due to the feeling of fear that overcome so many..

Yet when we have acceptance of self..seeing that who I am is a unique expression of God…then “just do it” becomes the best mantra…you see when we start believing in others opinions ( Old Earth Frequency)…we can be stopped…I always love the saying “what you think of me is none of my business”…making what YOU think of YOU..the only real issue.. when we lack confidence…

Which leads to the ‘New Earth Frequency”… which says…you came to share your unique expressions..even if it are laughed at..told you are this and that…just share…

If you look at a young child walking for the first time ..the child falls down..and gets right back up…the child does not give up if he or she falls down…just like the young child.. we may fall..even feel hurt..yet because we believe and have the confidence within to get back up..we are free…you see it does not matter if you believed it was a success..what matters is that you got back up..

Leading to the “New Earth Vibration” that says “there is no failure”…all that matters is that your heart is being expressed… so fall down..get back up..and see that you made a difference…and when you have acceptance of self… this sets you free….. Heart to Heart Robyn

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