Earth Angel Insight-Day 14-Freedom

So the interpretation of freedom from our Old Earth Vibration is that of the struggle to BE free..most times resulting in war…battle…pain…and suffering…leaving death…decay and despair…as the consequences of our actions…we have seen this form of freedom as a means to show us the contrast of our humanity… playing out its battle within oneself…and emerging from the ashes desperate for change..

As these changes have been happening… The New Earth Vibration… shows us clarity…we hear of communication…cooperation….sincerity…unfolding into the many areas we would have thought… would have no chance for change…and yet it is happening….. coming from those speaking from the heart of their own humanity…

ImageWe are connecting from the viewpoint of this vibration…one heart at a time…the doors open..sometimes to explode in fury to release its omnipresent chance for change…revealing the softness of the wonder that has been hidden within ourselves..the process of rich (IN) foldment ..seeking to find oneself..chuckling..and asking ourselves yet again to look inside..

This sense of peace comes over me as I see the possibilities of humanity seeing itself..connecting heart to heart..with the ease that comes from this revelation…as freedom becomes the (IN) foldment within..seeking oneself..and finding there was no separation…This freedom has no definition of separateness..yet rests in the bliss of our inner core..being aware there was nothing to get…


Heart to Heart  Robyn

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