Earth Angel Insight-Day 36- ” THE DREAM”

IMG_1512We never really left heaven..we just believed in the idea of separation…”The Dream” says I am this body and this form… love and us from the illusion that we are at “effect” of what we create…when we realize that we are spiritual beings connected as one
we step into this way of “BEING” called love…where peace remains inside us..and heaven on earth prevails…

The veil of separation is lifted when we see all of our creation with love and forgiveness… My sister-in-law gave me such a beautiful
possibility to lift this veil with her coming to me with my heart open..I will forever be different…as nothing can ever be lost..spiritually seeing that was the illusion…entering this ageless timeless space…with gratitude

Heart to Heart Robyn….. (I will be online less in the next week or so as I travel)
(thank you to all who have been in this space of love with me…we have wonderful thoughts to share together)