IMG_0241 Some of us have evolved from 3D beings

into multidimensional BEings. What this means is that we are creating new forms of communication, and entering into the unknowns. I have surrendered to this multifaceted form of communication. Being able to be in dimensions simultaneously creates all kinds of possibilities, and I am open to these possibilities. BEing a divine crystalline entity here in 5D is the highest form of communication for our planet. This form is about BEing unconditional. We will know what to say to all beings as they come into our field. There is an instant opening to this vibration as we enter a room. The universe is feeling our presence in this new now. The earth is shaking itself up to purge all entities and energies that are unlike itself, and this vibration is called 5D. We are creating a NEW lauve language where love is in us as us without conditions. This new movement is called conscious evolution and the new website that just got created is consciousevolutionmaui.com and consciousevolution.co . I will be linking Divine Earth Angel to these sites soon.

Heart to Heart Robyn


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Robyn,
    I must say that you have an interesting blog. I will take time to read more of your posts.
    Thanks for the follow and linking to my blog, All much appreciated.I will also do same for your blog.
    We could also exchange ideas sometimes and be of help to each other..
    I look forward reading more of your posts.
    Happy blogging!

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