Earth Angel Insight Day 80- Abundant Living

When we truly clear our own energy field. Perceptions, emotions, illusions drop away. We become very “clear”, stepping into our collective abundance. Abundance becomes our way of being, as love becomes our path. We ascend into our higher frequencies, finding support and connections to beings who resonate with the abundance of peace, joy, enthusiasm, and love. Abundance flows through us and we are grateful for all of life. Being “abundance” is to recognize our true essence, one with the infinity of life, eternal and one.   Heart to heart RobynimageZumba Toys for Tots Dec.2nd 2014 Maui

Earth Angel Insight-Day 26-Flexibility

IMG_1297Having been back in Maui only 2 days out of the last 20…I have practiced flexibility in 3 time zones… 5 different sleeping locations…7 different airplanes and twice (one at my daughters graduation in California…the another at a Journey concert in Dallas)…surrounding myself with thousands of people…

I have had many different opportunities for flexibility…being aware that no matter what is happening in the moment… the experience is determined by my flexibility ..not so much what is happening…yet who I am being… as things present themselves.. everything unfolds under the tapestry I create…so even with fires..tornado warnings..thunderstorms..( which can also represent people as well )…I am aware of who I am being…which comes to me loud and clear…BE FLEXIBLE… allow creation .. then all of life has no set definition..just opportunity…to BE who you choose to be…

P.S. Fires…we went to an all you can eat lobster dinner with no crowd..
Tornado warning..stayed at the golf event and joined a private party
Thunderstorm.. walked in the rain and cooled off before an amazing Journey Concert…


5D New World Living…a New Vibration

This post finds me in present moment…being aware of transcending into the multidimensional realities of this moment…I say yes to the miraculous…being creator of my reality.. at cause ..seeking nothing…being light…my journey to this moment has been interesting to many…yet timeless … Continue reading