Earth Angel Insight Day 102-“Our Reality”


We are light, source consciousness, vibrating with our New Earth.

The vibration with which we choose to resonate creates our reality.

When we choose love, we vibrate at a high frequency, creating more love.

Remembering who we are is why we came to this Earth School

We are ALL Earth Angels

Resonating as one, we bring a collective, peaceful, stillness to our planet

Where all of life flourishes.

Heart to Heart

Earth Angel Insight Day 70-Multidimensional

IMG_0513Wow! Powerful energy (magnetic field) opening up so much and mother “Gaia” smiling as our higher frequencies can ground in now!!! Let the “LOVE” light shine. We have entered into a new timeless space that has been tough to even explain, Yet  I will start by sharing a powerful “dream” I had. I was swimming in very murky water, with diesel trucks and fuel floating around me. I was swimming very effortlessly, as I swam to shore and came out of the water without a drop of “MURK” on me I got in an elevator and the construction worker calmly told me, “This is not how you get there”.

I consciously told myself to go into the light and I traveled through the veil into a BEAUTY FULL place of “Light”. I gathered the infinite light in me and brought it back to Earth “Gaia” and have felt this incredible sense of peace and love. Even as I describe this simple journey, the feeling of peace prevails.

Our  “New Earth” has been able to receive the multidimensional frequencies (I call Christ Consciousness), according to my inner “stillness”. When I went about my day yesterday and today I was given a chance to practice this, in the mist of chaos, watching the chaos move instantly into order, without taking away from my inner stillness frequency. We are powerful beings when we can be completely present to whatever comes up, grounded in stillness. Just like walking meditation and prayer, we can now move about in many grounded dimensional spaces without “leaving the body”. This “New Earth” is changing so quickly, many will experience the very quick surrendering and lower energies dissipation as life shifts. I say thank you to all who work with each other in the divine and “Mother Gaia” for her Love.

With Gratitude Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 25-Congruity

consonance…harmonious…this is our true nature …our ethereal nature..where we are in harmony with that which is all of life…that place where we listen consciously without judgement of self or others…where life itself is our creator and creation…where arriving in oneself is effortless …as we realize discord is only a reminder of our congruent nature…giving us an opportunity to relax…remember…be still and allow…

imageSo allow life to flow… Congruent nature (life) nurtures us inside… where fear is only a faint whisper …universal consciousness becomes our norm …allowing access to all and everything…. we say yes… Heart to Heart Robyn