Earth Angel Insight Day 103- “Lover of what IS”

IMG_0409” The thoughts are what allow the “I” to believe that it has an identity.” When you see that, you see there’s no “you” to be enlightened. You stop believing in yourself as an identity, and you become equal to everything” Byron Katie

“Sanity does not suffer EVER. A clear mind is beautiful and sees only its own reflection. It bows in humility to itself; it falls at its own feet. It does not add anything or subtract anything; it simply knows the difference between what’s real and what’s not.And because of this, danger is not a possibility. A lover of what “IS” looks forward to everything: life, death, disease, loss, earthquakes, bombs, anything the mind might be tempted to call “Bad”. Life will bring us everything we need to show us what we have not undone yet. Nothing outside ourselves can make us suffer. Except for our unquestioned thoughts, EVERY PLACE IS PARADISE. ”    Byron Katie

Earth Angel Insight Day 100- Timeless “New Now”

IMG_1583WOW!  WordPress says it has been one year yesterday that I opened up this blog! Perfect timing as this is my 100th insight and I have posted a little over 200 posts. My first post was on March 30th, so I must have pondered for awhile. What an amazing experience to create a community of such awesome beautiful spirits! I have gratitude for every connection and have close to 400 followers through WordPress, Email or Facebook, with 3,878 views and 578 comments, that seems like few to some, yet many for me.

I am truly humbled by your amazing creativity, talents, expressions and gifts of writing you all share. I am not sure how many blogs I follow, yet you all inspire me. This year has flown by!  Many of you may be experiencing this same light speed. Hard to believe my daughter graduated from college almost a year ago in May.

I feel that It has been “forever” that I have been on a spiritual path and feel very grateful to have journeyed along with you all in this “new now”

What I have experienced in this “new now”, is a sense of peace and joy that remains untouched by outer circumstance. This “new now” says flow authentically with this moment as it is all that is. As we collectively rise to experience more love and light, we are collectively remembering who we truly are. A magnificent beaming light shining ever so bright, capable of anything and everything. “We” truly are all the space between form, where the timeless, ageless eternal now exists. Where communication is wordless, yet enjoys  its grounded expressions. “We” are all of divine presence, with divine purpose, rising through awareness into higher and higher dimensions. “Our” “Source” “Christ” within shines ever so bright in this “New Now”

Shine on my friends as we bring together our Holographic Masterpiece where “Christ Consciousness” lives!

Heart to Heart Robyn Thank you! IMG_0439

Earth Angel Insight Day 96- You Are Divinity

imageAfter searching far and wide, clearing, letting go, being with, all that is, we realize that all the ego driven illusions, seem to finally become silent. There is no resistance in this space, only an openness to the flow of the moment. There is a sense of humor in this silence, as peace sweeps over us.

We begin to wake up, recognizing the vastness of our universal selves, seeing our divinity in everything. This is where eternal infinity rests, inside us, smiling from the inside, expressing ourselves to ourselves. We become the wayseers, without any need to change, heal or correct another, we simply are.

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 93-Light Gifters

When life gives us an opportunity to shift, will we contract or expand? As master, director, and writer of the script that appears before us, will we shine light on what we “SEE” and simply”BE”? image

When we no longer carry the illusions of separation, we can flow in our life without having “WHAT HAPPENS”or”WHAT WE THINK” run us, yet step into the simple flow of awareness.

Instead of “working at shining our light”, we simply are the light, our natural state, where we gift each other “ourselves”, the stars that we are, a perfect fit in the Cosmic Puzzle!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Earth Angel Insight Day 92 – Authentic Living

imageThis “New Now” is all about Authentic Living, where we live our life more in tune with what we were created to be. Living the truth we know and feel within. Living our inner greatness. Our ability to be in connection with our own true essence, and act in alignment with that essence. This way of living allows us the opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable. The opportunity to be genuine, standing in the presence of all our imperfections, living an open, honest and engaged life, where we trust our intuitions, and the flow of our life. Forever going deeper into oneself we discover that which is uniquely ours to express and share. We are all a unique expression of the whole and it is “time” to shine!

Our “old selfs” has us live a life that ignores our true gifts and talents while performing assigned or inherited roles. This quote sums it up ” Our old selfs send false information about who we are and what we ” should” be doing with our life. It blocks the information to our intuitive authentic self, and drains our energy. Relying on information from our old self means we put our trust in a broken compass.”

So let this 1/11 energy of creativity and confidence, assist us in maintaining our authentic living!

Heart to Heart Robyn