HOME Frequency Portal Activation to Awaken SOULS More Here ~ September 30, 2016

Super Quantum.. “The most awesome everything”

Rose Rambles...


By Lisa Brown, 09/30/2016

This portal opened earlier and continues until the light codes and sequence activations complete…..

Each portal that activates, has a different frequency and purpose. This one is the frequency of the Soul, the Star BEing, the Light BEing, the Galactic, the Sacred, the purity of who we are…
This is what all SEEK until they have achieved it within themselves….

HOME frequencies stream strongly today… on this NEW Moon/Black Moon… delivering/activating/awakening in the most eloquent ways.

This is what awakens each human to their own soul (more)…..

We have all gone through this activation many times before, over the years… It’s what triggered/activated our own soul awakening and now, it does this for others, while marking a completion phase for many of us now…..

Open your hearts fully. These are beyond magnificent vibrations we are in every moment now.
Last night we achieved “Super Quantum”…

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