You Already Are!

Expressing to my blog friends in this now!                                       This popped up on my iPad and I was just talking about stepping into the Avatar in me, this is a great way to express this!! Here I am people take me or leave me !! 😜😍😀🌝😇👽😜😜😜💗💗💗. ⭐️🌟⭐️🌟❤️u all ! Timeless photo! Remember my friends, you are always ” enough” enough looks, health wealth, smarts , this, that and the other “thing”. Take it “all” as I am none of that!! IAM ❤️plain and simple!, no one can beg, borrow or steal that away.  No one can give us what we already are, so I ❤️ all of u. No expectation of that ❤️returned, as IAM that IAM . 😇😇😇💙💙💙💙.  Peace and stillness in this now! Yet fully self expressed!

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