IAM that IAM

When the IAM spirit meets the IAM presence “oneness” is everywhere.  Meeting Prem Babba in Maui Tuesday night I started this journey inward, as though his eyes, I entered into a state of peace , where no illusions exist. My heart flew open as if it had the capacity to fly ,and all suffering and pain revealed itself as this heavy illusion that I chuckled about.

I looked around and there were some looking back at me, I approached a young man, his eyes a bit turned down. I said “I think I may have turned into pure light. he said “I see that” as even my phone flashlight turned on. I said “I had been carrying in me some Past ( past life that was revealing itself from the 1700’s) he said “funny you should mention that. .i just had a reading from the 1700’s” I said “go on” He said ” I am not sure if I can because it is so heavy”  I said ” It’s ok I have Mother Mary on my left shoulder” . He said well ” I Killed my wife and children in that life”  I said ” I think I had done the same in the 1700’s as well.”

We both stood up and hugged each other and said “I love you” knowing we had healed up this illusionary heaviness, where suffering had worked its way in! He finally felt worthy enought to go up to Prem  Babba

He came back to his seat, we hugged again and said “I Love You” as I realized I was no longer carrying the pain and suffering into any of my now moments again.  I laughed and sang with the young people on stage.

When we make that choice to BE the joy within, there is only love and compassion. Overflowing into Divine Creation! I let this all go and so it is.

heart to  heart  Robyn


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