Rays of Light, Part 4

When we listen this is the message from each other (as we are all children) Thank you Molly for trusting to come forward with this post (in this now) as we are reaching the Halo children as we are AWAKE. Divine pure love to ALL as we communicate with our hearts in this now. Giving each other the SPACE to be in the VOID, using heart language that is mostly telepathic tone frequency’s.We are ONE. REMEMBER to hug when you can cry when you feel it and honor all who have chosen to be here in this amazing passage of heart connection; So very blessed. Heart to heart Robyn.

2020 Spiritual Vision


While this might be one of the main reasons I started this blog… this blog has become so much more.  Really I had to be reminded by Spirit to go back and bring these forth.  It does show though that everything you do, each step has a purpose, time and place.  The comments and support have been so felt – know this.  For whatever reason, at first, I was feeling a bit vulnerable placing all of this online.  Wondering if it would resonate with anyone else or, was it just me?  So this is the last of the messages I received and some additional thoughts at the end.  Thank you for reading.  ❤

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