IMG_3012As I woke up this morning, I was drawn to my window as this is what appeared. Seeing through the eyes of this angel in me I began to weep. Angels have appeared in this realm before in front of me. Yet this moment was different, as I was hearing her/ him messages. As I settled into my multidimensional self, where all of creation comes to a center point in my being, God Tears began to flow for all of humanity and my connection to all of humanity in my core.

This RE BIRTHING process is happening for all of humanity, even with the Chaos that may appear to BE “REAL”. All of the illusions of this “reality” have been shattered by our Light and Love. Even though we do not even have this love language in our vocabulary yet. We are impregnated with our truth as our light shines. We are the brightest stars connecting to each other through this light. We are unlimited, capable of all “things”, as wayshowers we feel all of humanity’s pain, yet it feels like a blessing to feel it. As it moves through us, we rejoice, for every tear is closer to the healing of all of life. We love like there is no tomorrow for all of eternity is in this moment, and we know this is our task. This is what we chose as our  Christ ed Being shines through and connects us all at God “source” .

This ANGEL in me in this now, sees ONLY LOVE, as LOVE is our only truth, as all the hurt pain and sadness, (Master Illusion) turns to JOY JOY JOY. We came to be in this mystery we call life, BEING CREATION, we join hands. This angel is your angel in you as you. REmembering takes a nanosecond, as we are one.  Heart to Heart Robyn I love you




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