My New Now

My new now may be rocky, shaky, tearful, blissful, peaceful, or serene, yet as we continue to journey we recognize we are uncovering all of humanity inside ourselves and it is sacred and beautiful , beyond this world, as we become this timeless space in divine love together as “one.” We realize we ” need” nothing as “we” are already complete. 💗💗💗I give thanks for this truth. As I journey inward in this moment in “time” 🌹🌹🌹For those of you who are just now seeing that I am no longer married, I ask for the space for me to integrate my journey of self with stillness and grace as this journey is mine to take without questions and answers, yet serenity, stillness and discovery. I honor all of you and love all of you as I enter into the blissful space of now.🙏🙏🙏For the next couple days I am silence , no texting ,talking ( except for work) Facebook and WordPress . This is my path as you all have your own path to take though your awakening, 💥💥💥and I see you. I love 💗💗💗all that has come before in me, all that IAM and all that is yet to come. Mahalo for your love ❤️and space for me to be. Heart to heart Robyn💙💙💙