A Selection of True Awakening Experiences Part II

Micheal this resonates with me SO MUCH as ! I too had stopped blogging when Barbara “through a friend “was requesting us to participate in her awakening experiences part Ii I found the courage to write again wrote my part. Seeing your post here I recognize the peace that has come with full self expression and stillness at the same time. What a journey as we ride these waves of peace. Thank you for your authentic expression here as we are all in this together and embracing it all.

Embracing Forever

I happened upon Barbara’s site a few weeks ago when she was mulling over the idea of a second round of Awakening Experiences, and told her I would like to participate.  Then I promptly disappeared into the marrow of my life for a few weeks.  She pinged me with a reminder last week sometime and asked if I was still willing, and wondered if I would take February 2nd.  I chuckled at her unsolicited selection, because it seemed the perfect day for a bit of contemplation—it being the last day of my fortieth year.   And Barbara of course, wouldn’t have had any previous knowledge of this timing.

There’s a quote from A Course of Love that at least partly summarizes my feelings at the present time.  “The challenge now is in creation rather than accomplishment.  With peace, accomplishment is achieved in the only place where it makes any…

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