IMG_1828Ok here we GOOOOO…… I am having my last 3D experience in the physical world this week with a biopsy on my left breast. I have been told I am doing this for my doctor to complete what she feels is her “job” here. We are here together in this multidimensional space to help release the the “past” and BE CLEAR in the world of 3D and enter 5D.  I have been told I will no longer have any clearing to “DO”, as of June 27th. TODAY WE ARE Experiencing the biggest push to release we have had to date. Even though linear time is an illusion. We as a cosmic consciousness are experiencing the solstice. Right here, right now, stepping into cosmic consciousness is the gift of multidimensional realities. I am personally stepping into cosmic unconditional LOVE! I am very grateful for this moment and the PURGING of “pain” in the 3D world.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to my my angels out there Heart to Heart Robyn

3 thoughts on “VIBE IT UP!

  1. OK UP date… I moved mountains to get into the one of two surgeons offices today ( as he was going on Vacation for a month) He came into the office and said “What are you doing here”? I said my OB sent me in about my left breast, yet I could use a massage as I am sore from my 5K obstacle course! He started to laugh took my medical review and did a breast exam. We laughed a few more times before he left and came back in and said he did not find anything on my breast exam , yet he had seen the ultrasound with a .5cm (spot) He said you have options, to do nothing and 3 months later have another mammogram, or have a needle biopsy to make sure, or full removal biopsy. He said “this is up to you what you want to do”

    OMG HE WAS A SURGEON WHO DID NOT WANT TO DO SURGERY (5D) I told him I will come in and have the radiologist do the needle biopsy, (between 3D and 5D) loving my decision to be done.. 5D says no more spot is there and 3D says I want proof! And so it is! done with any more mamagrams ever (3D) soon Ha!

    heart to heart Robyn HAPPY SOLstice!


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