Blissful 5D Energy Coming in for the Solstice and Full Moon

Blissful 5D Energy Coming in for the Solstice and Full Moon By Diane Canfield With the Solstice and full moon upon us, we have some awesome  blissful energy coming in. These energies are of  5D and the higher realms. They come in to uplift us and transform us into our new 5D light body package. The energies from it have been intense this entire last week. It has lifted somewhat today. If you have had issues sleeping this is the reason. Todays energy is light and there is a happiness of new beginnings in the works today. The last few weeks we have been dealing with overheating, fatigue and lack of sleep as the light body continues to unfold. Many insights have come through and new awareness. The Divine Feminine is stepping even more into its new role as the new leaders. The old systems are no longer effective as we gain more insight and awareness of the new possibilities for peace and harmony in the 5th and higher dimensional awareness. There will be many who will hang on to the old

Source: Blissful 5D Energy Coming in for the Solstice and Full Moon


IMG_1828Ok here we GOOOOO…… I am having my last 3D experience in the physical world this week with a biopsy on my left breast. I have been told I am doing this for my doctor to complete what she feels is her “job” here. We are here together in this multidimensional space to help release the the “past” and BE CLEAR in the world of 3D and enter 5D.  I have been told I will no longer have any clearing to “DO”, as of June 27th. TODAY WE ARE Experiencing the biggest push to release we have had to date. Even though linear time is an illusion. We as a cosmic consciousness are experiencing the solstice. Right here, right now, stepping into cosmic consciousness is the gift of multidimensional realities. I am personally stepping into cosmic unconditional LOVE! I am very grateful for this moment and the PURGING of “pain” in the 3D world.

LOVE LOVE LOVE to my my angels out there Heart to Heart Robyn