No pressure – Part two

Ok so I no longer live in linear time. ( TODAY) I was suppose to see this as WE “Molly and I” vibed up a huge rainbow on back to back days! June 5th and 6th I love her description of the energy and halo vibes, I also see Halos. BEING humbled by so much these days and having these incredible angels come into my life here on FB makes me cry with gratitude! Thank you for this share Molly!

2020 Spiritual Vision


Good day Angels, Lightworkers and Loves!  How are you doing?  Ten days ago I made a pressure cooker analogy and that energy is back.  So please keep in mind, no pressure.  The winds/energy/currents are STRONG!  Keep it simple, stay close and if needed find a way to relieve the pressure.  Much is going on now that our human mind doesn’t understand.  It will in moments and then in the future as all of this energy becomes our new normal.  First, we have to experience this.  For me, floating in the ocean was a great rest/reset.  So if you don’t have an ocean, take a bath or find a pool.  Go neutral.

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