Adams Post on CHOICE

The Choice

I had another dream-state lesson last night and felt it would be helpful to document it here. It has to do with the idea of shifting from the lower mind to the higher mind and how operating out of either creates a quantum wave in that direction. That quantum wave literally shifts us into different reality streams where a completely different set of events take place. I was told last night, very directly, that choosing to operate from the higher mind automatically creates a completely different higher vibrational reality experience.

The emphasis in the dream-state was the automatic aspect. There is no thinking involved. There is no trying involved. There is no effort involved. There is no attempting to understand. All the arguments, objections, and rationalizations come from the lower mind. But you are not the lower mind. That is its own autonomous mechanism designed to do the best it can with what it has. By stepping away from the lower mind, through conscious choice, you step into the higher mind experience and thereforeautomatically create the higher reality experience. It’s literally that simple! And it just is.

There are several of us who are ‘on the leading edge’ of this consciousness shift. If you are reading these words near the time of this posting, that’s you! However, since time ultimately doesn’t matter, whoever finds this and whenever they find it will be synchronous. I’m posting this as a message to me as well as to you:

You can read all the blogs and books you desire. You can keep searching for more proof and more answers. You can keep objecting to various reflections in your life. Those are all valid experiences in the lower mind reality stream and you can do that perfectly and endlessly. But! For those that are ready – and you know who you are – you can choose differently. Once and for all. Let go of the old. Let. Go! And allow yourself to choose the higher reality stream. Step away from the lower mind experience and launch yourself into the unknown. Watch how easily and effortlessly your physical reality becomes a dream where you are the conscious creator within it. Step into that experience. Come and play as the co-creator you truly are.

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