~ Ascension Guidance Message ~ How to easily cope with the current shifts ~ Tips and Tricks

Guidance for us all….from angel to angel….

Ascension Guidance

Greetings, Fellow Masters!

First of all, I apologize for not writing my weekly messages these past few weeks and not answering all the messages. Re-locating in London was such a huge step for me and still is, I have acommodated and adapted quite fast, but there’s still a lot more to absorb and I have a lot of work to do here on more levels as well.

The last few weeks have all been about big shifts and it will continue to be so at an accelerated pace. I’ve observed literally everyone around me and everything around me changing on some level. What a joy change can be when you are in a state of complete surrender, of embracement, of constantly letting go. Yes, there will probably be a few moments of grief or sadness or mixed emotions in the process, we are cleansing the old. It is absolutely normal, I…

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Divinity expressed as oneself, being with newness and wonder, the unknown, where there is no past or future.

No longer needing to understand or know, we come together with gratitude and love, recognizing the integration of the Divine ONE.

You becomes WE and WE becomes ONE. Crystalline BEING where separation is a thing of the past and WE simply are.

heart to heart Robyn


Earth Angel Insight-REFLECTIONS

IMG_1388With gentle guidance from source and reflections all around, with gratitude for all that has risen into the light, “I”see you. For we are one.  rising to love for all of life.  One source reflecting on itself Realizing “WE” were never separate, yet connected in this beautiful tapestry. “I” honor “YOU”. Seeing your heart connecting to mine.

heart to heart Robyn