Romantic Tuesday

NEW Earth Vibration…..LOVE FROM ERICA KIND!!!!!

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Whatever love is …

If love is a word
You are my book

If love is a drop
You are my ocean

If love is a flower
You are the untouched island

If love is a bird
You are my sky

If love is a feeling
You are my inner world

If love is a direction
You are my journey

Whatever love is
With you, it’s more
Than I ever thought
Love could be

A world
Never to be traveled to the end
A world of wonders
With showers of appreciation
With seeds of new beginnings
With sunrises of daily new discoveries
With waves of tenderness
With sounds of soulful words
With silent seas of listening ears
With the widest view of seeing eyes
With sacred oases which only belong to us

The world I entered with you 
Is filled with the brightest colors and the lightest sun
Even the nights…

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