Living in the space of time seems to bring great humor and laughter. I listened to a new blog friend channel his experience from his “higher self,” and having been integrating the experience of multiple vibrations, the concept of running, rushing, leaping, jumping, to get “things” done makes my higher self laugh. This also brings clarity to this moment. In my new blog friends channeling he speaks of the ease of our work shifting quickly, where working “hard” will be a thing of the past. Being aware that the integration of self ,”being with everything easily,” meets gratitude in the moment, nothing”needs to be done.”image As there is perfection in this moment. Heart to Heart Robyn


3 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight-BEING WITH EVERYTHING EASILY.

  1. Yes we make life too complicated don’t we Robyn.. Instead we should go with the flow and know all things are as they should be.. And When we look within we see the reasons behind our struggles .. We so often get in our own way.. Once we step out of our ego and into more Love of self.. We begin to smile at how often we tripped ourselves up.. 🙂
    We are One..
    Love and Blessings Robyn.. thank you for this
    Hugs Sue

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