Earth Angel Insight Day 105- “One with Reality”

When we understand we are one with reality, we don’t seek, because we realize what we have is what we want..

Everything makes sense as we no longer superimpose our thinking onto reality.

When we make “a mistake” we realize immediately it was not a mistake, and recognize the value of the apparent mistake.

We no longer live with would have, could have, should have.

Forgiveness is no longer necessary, as we recognize the totality of the moment from the infinite possibilities to the one.

Heart to heart RobynIMG_0112

2 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 105- “One with Reality”

  1. Thank you for your reflection Sue! Seeing through the eyes of divinity as one we leap into the unknown where we recognize the perfection of it all! Connecting with you fills my heart! Robyn


  2. Brilliant Robyn.. And the times I have made what I thought were my ‘Mistakes’ in life Robyn have taught me my most profound lessons that have helped me ‘Grow’ and take that leap forward to where I needed to be..
    Many thanks for this insight dear friend..
    Love and Light your way ..
    Sue xox

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