Beyond our illusions

IMG_0406When we begin to go beyond our “identity”, beyond the illusions of what we see, we enter into what can be called the zone.

This limitless space is beyond description as it seems to be more like nothingness.

There is no past experience here.

There is no attachment here.

Simply creativity and love

A peace and serenity comes over us as there is no “have to”

We love beyond judgment, and right and wrong

Our true divinity emerges

as we rest in this infinite truth.

We are home.

Heart to Heart Robyn

6 thoughts on “Beyond our illusions

    • Hey Lorrie I have been away from wordpress as well! Thank you for coming in and honoring each others oneness. Time for me to connect a bit again as well. I have been redirecting my energies in the dental business’s I work with and online very infrequent these days. I love love love connecting here when I create those rare moments, and appreciate your feedback Lorrie! Much love Robyn


      • Yes, dear Heart to Heart Robyn 🙂 I think once connected we hold a space in our heart…and we are never far apart!! I love my time here, and our community is wonderful! I think we come…and go…and yet we will stay connected. Many blessings to you ♡

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  1. Robyn, loved this piece.. Yes going beyond into that space where nothing seems to exists and yet everything exists in the moment ..

    I have found this space a few fleeting moments within meditation and hope to rest in its peace for all eternity .. 🙂 When one becomes All of Nothing and instantly knows All, yet can not capture a fleeting thought for it was just too magnificent to hold onto .. But it leaves you with its lasting glow..

    Sending love your way Robyn.. ❤ Sue xxx

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