The Beauty Of This Now

IMG_0115Several quotes from   Eckhart Tolle have been in my field and I wanted to share the beauty of this now.

As a collective we are in the new now  “When we allow the moment to be as it is, we dissolve the ego”  Eckhart Tolle

With this awakening, ego based earth drama ceases, there is no resistance as time dissolves, we enter our collective divinity and have no “needs” as we no longer identify with form as our power, yet come from within our divinity where anything is possible.

When we have our full attention in now, life is not what happens, yet life is what is transforming in the moment, the space between form.

Coming from this inner space between thoughts, words and all form, is where serenity lies, in this stillness all is clear and all is possible and we have come home.

This space is where I have been residing, so words flow with the moment and my desire to write has been less and less.

This does not mean I will be gone from wordpress, yet my writing is much less these days.

Love to all I have connected with on wordpress as I feel your love.  Heart to Heart Robyn

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