Sindy’s Clearing Challenge… Clearing and Living in the New Energy Consciousness…

I found this post by Barbara Franken a reflection of my journey. My friend Sindy inspired the “Clearing Challenge” posts that Barbara wrote, and since I feel I am living in a timeless now, this was the ” new now” to reblogg this shift in consiousness shared by so many of us. Thank you Barabara and Sindy for inspiring these words to reach the collective.

Me, My Magnificent Self

IAM Peace...

IAM honoured to take part in Sindy’s Clearing challenge sharing my insights into… Clearing and Living in the New Energy Consciousness… 

However before you read further… I would like to share with you how I came to write what I have…

Since I committed myself to writing ‘my clearing post’ for today…  I have had a good many days to ponder as to what I could write… and as each day passed, reading all ‘my sisters’ posts… I CHANGED my theme… many times… (as theme after theme was already posted)… Oh… what a CHALLENGE this was turning out to be…  but inspiration seemed abundant… as I portray in my ‘soul art’ painting  above….  IAM PEACE…. and I was inspired to write, as I thought was, my final post… 


jokingly mentioned, in my comment to Deelia’s post…… that I had ‘more work’ to do, releasing all my yesterdays……

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5 thoughts on “Sindy’s Clearing Challenge… Clearing and Living in the New Energy Consciousness…

  1. Yes Amy we are all connected in Divine light! I have been resting from writing in the last month. Forwarding these types of messages feels very connected to all. So grateful for our connection as well. Love Robyn


    • Sindy see how powerful that challenge was 2 years ago? I was amazed at how long ago that post came in, bringing it into this now. It had been “no accident” to come across this now! I have been traveling for the last month, so time to check in with you as your school year comes to an end soon. Time is no longer a relevant device as this new now seems to fade into the timeless! Much love to you girl! Robyn

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  2. Thank you, Robyn, for leading me to another kindred soul. Bless you, my sister of Golden Light. Bless you. Together we walk stronger with each given day! Bless you, my friend. Love, Amy


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