Waking sleep / Sleepwalking

https://foolsdictionary.wordpress.com/ This was my comment to this thought filled article on” Waking sleep/sleepwaking” an amazing writer
Hey girl what a great way to wake up the living dead! Through awareness. Having the experience of ‘Waking Up” has been the big game changer of co-creation to exist in my awareness. Awareness that the space between thoughts is who “I am”. My ego self wants to have a past and answers from the past, yet my spiritual self lives in the unknown without conditioning from the past or future. My authentic self has nothing to get or gain, so all that is created is higher self, ever expanding without limitations. Being grounded in uncertainty allows for nonresistance in this “now” where unlimited possibilities reside. Energy is unlimited when we recognize we are truly source, and our bright light shines…. Much love Robyn

Fool's Dictionary

zombies walkingOur greatest illusion – and the one that’s hardest to give up – is that we live a conscious and deliberate life, that we create our own unique personality, that we are masters of our own choices, that whatever we feel and think is authentically “us” and that we know who we are in all of our fascinating depths and complexities. The condemnation of our lives as a sleepwalker’s trance and the call to awaken has resounded across time, from the old testament to the Buddhist sutras and the revolutionary pamphlets of the last two centuries – but we usually take these statements as merely quaint metaphors. What if our sleepwalking is literal? Every day we rise and fall into automatic routines, we think the same old thoughts, spout the same familiar words, replay our habitual emotional responses, and move with identical mannerisms. But we resist admitting that we dwell…

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