Tribute to “Coco” our best friend.

She loved with all her might, she played and forgave,
She was our best friend, living in our hearts forever,
Thank you “Coco” for all you gave to us.
We are happy that you can rest in peace.
You taught us how to “BE” unconditional.
You taught us how to love unconditional.
You will always be loved. 8/99-2/15

Coco passed in my husbands arms at 11pm Hawaii time. I was on the phone with him as our trip had been delayed due to ice storms. She was very active and happy until she was ready, as we had her with us for 6 months after her doctor told us she had a tumor. Grateful for it all.
She taught us so much. Thank you all for your loving support as I posted about her Cancer and your love helped so much. Feeling forever one. Heart to heart Robyn.

13 thoughts on “Tribute to “Coco” our best friend.

  1. I am so happy your beautiful baby had a loving furever home with you and your family. I know she was blessed and you are blessed by knowing her. I love animals. I have six dogs and they are some of my greatest blessings. To lose a fur friend is devastating. In April 2013, my beautiful girl, Koko, died of old age and it is one of the worst kinds of pain I ever felt but she had a beautiful life. My heart goes out to you and your family. I understand the pain and the love. Pets are our family, not “just animals.” I’m wishing you much love and strength. ❤

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  2. Dearest Robyn… Your email alert in my inbox just jumped out as I logged on just now..
    My Heart is with both you and your husband, as I so feel for you sad loss of Coco… Our pets become family.. and are indeed our friends and companions who give of themselves unconditionally so that we too may learn the true meaning of love and loyalty..

    My thoughts are with you.. But I know you also know your journey with Coco is far from over and I know she will be wagging her tail in your direction very often and I am certain her presence will still be felt..

    Love and Blessings.. as I send my heartfelt thoughts to your Robyn.. ❤
    Sue x

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    • Thank you so much Sue. I never saw your thoughtful comment in my travels here. Coco lives forever in our hearts and we are connected as one with her now! Thank you being part of our soul family, as you really get our love for our furry family member “Coco” much love to you Sue as I come back into blogging soon!


  3. Oh…dear Heart to Heart Robyn! My heart goes directly to yours. I know how hard it will be to adjust to this loss 😦 Your dear friend…ever loving companion. Coco will always live in your heart and I am certain she will always watch over you! Much much love ❤ ❤

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    • Lorrie your kind words are so appreciated. I am sure when I get home I will have moments even more than I have now. she taught us so much and her physical presence will be missed! Thank you again Lorrie Much love Robyn

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    • Thanks so much Yvonne. She has been communicating with my husband which I am so grateful for. We will forever love her and carry her in our hearts! Seems almost unreal for me as I have not been home since she passed. I appreciate so your loving thoughts! Robyn


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