Tribute to “Coco” our best friend.

She loved with all her might, she played and forgave,
She was our best friend, living in our hearts forever,
Thank you “Coco” for all you gave to us.
We are happy that you can rest in peace.
You taught us how to “BE” unconditional.
You taught us how to love unconditional.
You will always be loved. 8/99-2/15

Coco passed in my husbands arms at 11pm Hawaii time. I was on the phone with him as our trip had been delayed due to ice storms. She was very active and happy until she was ready, as we had her with us for 6 months after her doctor told us she had a tumor. Grateful for it all.
She taught us so much. Thank you all for your loving support as I posted about her Cancer and your love helped so much. Feeling forever one. Heart to heart Robyn.