Traveling from State to State

imageI am currently traveling cross country in a timeless place. With my intention of assisting in a cross country move with my sister, I remain in peaceful support as we drive 1200 miles from Texas to Michigan. Seeing through the eyes of wonderment and presence, remaining open to all that is. Sprinkling light and love!

I will be rarely posting in the next week as I will have very little internet connection. Taking you all in love on my journey! Heart to heart Robyn

2 thoughts on “Traveling from State to State

  1. Thank you Lani, I also am grateful I created this time with my sister! I will get some pictures along the way, our departure was delayed due to ice storms, and now I know why… as my husband went through the passing of our doggie tonight. I feel that her passing has helped us move to the space where we are not thinking about her being uncomfortable and we both can be totally present where we are. Much love Robyn


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