Earth Angel Insight Day 98-Peace Within

image When we remember that all we see comes from within, that all that we touch is a manifestation of peace or unrest, we find that the journey within becomes our sacred path, and we connect in our hearts, finding peace within.
We were never alone in this infinite universe as our light within shines as bright as the brightest star, finding its expression in universal consciousness, humbling us to remember it was never about our separate selfs, grasping, holding, fearful of an ending, yet about connecting in our heart, even when someone or something seems gone, we are connected in divinity, where we remain eternal and timeless, where words are no longer needed, we are at peace, grounding this into our physical world where there has never been separation, only unlimited source within.

Heart to Heart Robyn

17 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 98-Peace Within

    • Sue I am so grateful as I planted the seeds for my father and sister to embrace each other with love, and it happened, after 3 years, nothing else existed for that 5 minutes where they just held each other and cried! Nothing else seemed to matter as this moment was worth going back 12 hours to help Dad pack for assisted living, and my sister joined us at his house, with all defenses down,they healed a lifetime of pain in that moment. I told them both, it was time, and they stepped into the light with each other. The key for me is no attachment to the result, as sometimes people (family) just simply live in the past. With gratitude Robyn

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      • What a beautiful moment… Many thanks for sharing that with me Robyn..

        Today it was the funeral of my Aunt.. My other Uncle the brother of my Aunt who is now 87 said to my daughter, Life can sometimes hold lots of pain..Mostly he said its because we fail to just embrace one another and Love and forgive.. He said far too often we don’t come together until its too late.. ( meaning like gatherings we were at ) So much of our lives are wasted in regret, as people fail to let go of hurts of bitterness..

        I am so happy your Suster and your Dad found each other again as they move forward within their new Vortex of moving to that higher vibration of letting go x
        Its Wonderful
        Love and Blessings Sue

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      • Wow Sue what an amazing uncle, as that generation was taught to keep things inside, that is just so awesome at his age to give such a powerful message to your daughter. I know how much you love your aunt as she is now a very powerful angel for you!

        My Dad has had a bit of a miracle at 81 and after his stroke, being able to embrace life much more fully.

        When I had my near death experience, I was told to come back and teach forgiveness. then to guide to unconditional love. I feel this bond between father and daughter was a milestone moment, letting go of the past and its illusions of conditions. definitely higher vibrations! Thank you so much Sue for your heart felt message!

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