Thank you Randy for writing this universal truth. I have been assisting with family, unable to post as often, connecting in love with this powerful message. Grateful to be able to share this message!

Universe is just a Thought !

LOVEA four letter word
fills the entire cosmic space,
Covers the farthest galaxies
along with an infinitesimal ace.
Love is in the
life & death of a star,
It’s the only thing responsible
for who we are.
Love draws the elements together
& makes them link,
It’s in the air,fire & water we drink.

Love puts life into
carbon,oxygen & nitrogen molecules,
And eventually turns them into
lions,humans & mules.
Love holds up a cell to survive,
Love is what keeps
the Earth alive.

are its other names,
With love, any problem
can be easily tamed.
Love is the fruit of
a wholesome deed,
Love is all that you will need.

Love is the life
which you continuously dream,
Once you wake up,
You’ll experience this Love–
The One & Only Supreme.

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