Earth Angel Insight Day 92 – Authentic Living

imageThis “New Now” is all about Authentic Living, where we live our life more in tune with what we were created to be. Living the truth we know and feel within. Living our inner greatness. Our ability to be in connection with our own true essence, and act in alignment with that essence. This way of living allows us the opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable. The opportunity to be genuine, standing in the presence of all our imperfections, living an open, honest and engaged life, where we trust our intuitions, and the flow of our life. Forever going deeper into oneself we discover that which is uniquely ours to express and share. We are all a unique expression of the whole and it is “time” to shine!

Our “old selfs” has us live a life that ignores our true gifts and talents while performing assigned or inherited roles. This quote sums it up ” Our old selfs send false information about who we are and what we ” should” be doing with our life. It blocks the information to our intuitive authentic self, and drains our energy. Relying on information from our old self means we put our trust in a broken compass.”

So let this 1/11 energy of creativity and confidence, assist us in maintaining our authentic living!

Heart to Heart Robyn

Kara Schallock – Ascension Notes – Soulstice Rising – 1-11-15

Feeling the 11-11 energy as described by Kara Schallock in her Ascension Notes Soultice Rising. Kara has been sharing her heart to the tune of close to 70 thousand people in her Community on Facebook called “Ascension Soultice Rising”, never once feeling a spiritual superiority, as she walks the walk. Thank you Kara for your light and love.

Higher Density Blog


Tomorrow we have the opportunity to receive a really powerful download of high dimensional Light (you probably are already feeling it). This is connected strongly to the 11-11-14 “gateway.” (I am guided not to use human terms such as “gateway” and “portal,” as these lock the energies in a box and are finite. Instead, by not labelling the energies, we allow them to be free-flowing, much like it is essential that we be free-flowing.) If you want to remind yourselves about the 11-11 “gateway,” here is the Ascension Note: This 11-11-15 also adds up to an 11, as did the 11-11-14. There has been a continual flow of high vibrational energy since then and now culminates in anchoring the higher energies. Because of this, many are experiencing physical manifestations such as headaches, skin…

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