Earth Angel Insight Day 90-Centered Awareness

imageAs we come into this “New Now”, there is a sense that centered awareness has taken the front seat in everyday living. What may have been a “Big Deal” in the illusions of the “Past”, no longer take hold. This “New Now” has a centered flow, that is current with each moment. Does this mean that there are only “peaceful” moments?  This seems to be a question of interpretation as integration involves a bit of chaos, as our “old selves” will want to come up, simply as being familiar. Yet we rest in an uncertain centered newness, where we no longer analyse, interpret, or gain knowledge through fear.

In this “New Now” or “GoldenAge” we no longer have the answers, yet remain in the question and uncertainty of the moment, as our thoughts no longer run us, we may have a fearful thought, yet it has no staying power. This opens us to an unlimited potential of possibilities that resonate with our frequency, allowing an abundance that is not measured, yet eternal in nature. Where we no longer “try so hard” yet simply are aware of the unfoldment of the moment.

This “New Now” is like nature, ever changing, as we thrive in the changes, expanding, contrating, moving, flowing, we remember our true “nature”, where we dance in the moonlight, and sing to the sun. We realize we are a holographic bright “starlight” connecting as one to each other, manifesting in this “new now”.

Heart to Heart Robyn

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