A Simple Act Of Kindness Creates a Ripple Effect That Comes Back to You.

An inspirational message posted by endless light and Love blogger Mark. Let us All consider these acts of kindness.. Thank you for watching this short video, that brought me to tears.

Endless Light and Love

My Dear Friends,

You may have already seen this short video, I had not but; I thought it was well worth sharing again because of the reminder of this simple but profound message within the short story. The video certainly brought tears to my eyes and I’m happy that I came across it to remind me of the importance of doing good each and every day. This simple act of kindness like so many others that we can do will help others in their time of need and bring about the receipt of goodness in response to our acts of kindness.

Please watch the video and enjoy the message.

Namaste with Love

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5 thoughts on “A Simple Act Of Kindness Creates a Ripple Effect That Comes Back to You.

  1. Yvonne and Amy, you both have connected to this kindness within and I am so blessed to have met you here in the blogging world!! May we all shine our lights on one another! This just really touched my heart as well!


  2. You have a beautiful heart.. and lovely Blog.. Mark’s blog over at Endless Light and Love is another favourite blog I follow… Keep shining your own Light and together we will send out those ripples of love that will create that Ripple Effect..


    • Sue, your comment just fills up my heart! Yes to us connecting and lighting up the world! I feel so so very grateful for connecting to so many awesome beings here! When I started writing 9 months ago I felt it was something that I could share with my daughter as a memoir to her, it has blossomed into this magnificent journey of love. You inspire me Sue as you have been such a gift to so many! Heart to heart Robyn


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