Earth Angel Insight Day 88-Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Frequency Upgrades

Here we are in this moment Dec. 27th 2014 in the middle of frequency upgrades. Those of us who have been experiencing these energy shifts feel lighter, and literally filled with light.
Recently returning to Dallas to be with family, the challenge to stay in higher vibrations has been easier, feeling this challenge is perfect timing, as always, I have embraced this “new now”

It has been asked of me to explain the process of frequency shifts and it’s impact on all of us. I can only speak from the experience and information I get as a Wayseer. Our universes are very vast and in each one of us we are also infinite. We live in multidimensional experiences and have many different simultaneous frequencies.

When a “portal” or “gateway” opens up we have an opportunity to enter into higher dimensions. Many times becoming formless as the frequencies increase. The level at which we can manifest and create on this earth plane in higher frequency is 5D/6D where our form vibrates in Love. As multidimensional levels of “enlightens” traveling in other dimensions, we as a collective can stay grounded, in this multiplex of holographic experiences.

The 25th through 29th gateway has opened to Christ Consciousness, 12th demension, this gateway is powerful and shifts our earth, and each embodied spirit will experience this shift differently. The new babies coming in will be upgrades of our “old selves” We will forgive with divine grace, spread our light with peacefulness, and honor each embodied spirit to complete their divine missions. Some beings will transition into the light, through releasing their physical form, some will resist with free will, yet others will choose to enter the light in physical form, remembering why we are here.

Honoring our individual journey, yet entering into collective unity, I will continue to write as part of my mission for being here, gratitude for this “now moment”, I say thank you to all who have embraced me in this last linear year, seeing you all in the light.

Heart to Heart Robyn

4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 88-Frequency Upgrades

  1. Thank you, Robyn, for this confirmation. I am seeing in my own Life people who have not been open to my words and energy, now all of a sudden, are. Healing is happening. Circumstances are occurring due to my advice and due to the words I have been speaking that involve the health of someone I Love very much. Hubby is really SEEING what I do and he is amazed, as if seeing for the first time all that I do. There is a huge shift, a lightness, a letting go, a release, as if the huge brick wall that has been holding me back, is no longer there. All I can say is THANK GOD!!!! A DOOR or Portal has opened, and in that opening, deaf ears are now hearing, and blind eyes are now seeing. *tears* (((HUGS))) Amy

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    • Amy Wow! So glad you are seeing it manifest!! I have a very very similar family background and I am grateful we can BE a reflection of this shift for each other! We are so blessed to be aware of the shifts that are occurring. I honestly would have had a much more difficult time staying here with my Dad in Texas if this major gateway had not opened! Many will chose to stay in this blissful light, and will have a different journey, it’s our mission to be the light, no matter the choice of another,in gratitude and joy Robyn

      We are also so fortunate to have each other as we have a voice in the blogging world!


      • How you make me smile, Robyn. Yes we do have a voice in the blogging world, and to see that voice now being heard in the “real” world, is amazing. Some I still do see not willing to stay in the Light, or they are flip flopping. That is there choice. I know what I have chosen and that is all that is important. Happy New Year!!! Love, Amy

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