Earth Angel Insight Day 84- This Now

imageConscious living, being awake, in this new NOW, we have an opportunity to enter into authentic living. Authentic living is allowing for, without being against. Seeing with open eyes the very creation of life, as an unfoldment of all of the miracles that “we are”. We no longer have thoughts, actions, possessions, persons or conditions run us, and the joy of this NEW NOW is that very realization. Where internal freedom rests, we unfold with open hearts.

This quote from Eckhart Tolle sums up the old energies ” The thought forms of “I Want”, “I Need”, “I Must Have”, and of “Not Enough” pertain not to content but to structure of the Ego. When these thought forms operate, no possession, place, person or condition will ever satisfy

Heart to Heart Robyn

2015 the year of abundance 8 energy. Let us ride the wave of love.

2 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 84- This Now

  1. Oh, I like that last line soooo much. It triggered a memory of one of my meditations from a few days ago. In the meditation, I had placed my foot upon the earth and living coals radiated out from my foot. I saw a young Native American woman gather then in a vessel and then pour them in a daisy flower design, with the petals being poured in a figure 8, so that the center of the flower is where the 3 figure 8 cross themselves and each other.

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