The lost art of transmutation (intro to Magic in Everyday Life)

Anna will explain the Alchemy of self-transformation. Each sentence has impact, although it takes some time to embrace her incredible writing here, This passage is one of my favorites.”Without this self-mastery, attempting to consciously manifest our desires is useless or, at best, a hit and miss process, since what will usually manifest is not what we consciously desire but some unconscious resistance that contradicts it. And after attaining self-mastery, the nature of desire changes so completely that manifesting a shiny red Corvette or a mansion with a swimming pool become meaningless – the adept realizes those things can’t bring lasting satisfaction. It is only by absorbing one of the magical systems in their entirety, and passing through the long process of disintegration, revelation, re-integration, and transmutation that we can find real fulfillment and a sense of genuine power that comes from our own self-expansion. Everything else is giving our power away to someone else – or even to something else, a mere technique or a tool – that promises to help save us” Thank you Anna for my chance to share this!!!

Profane Light

“We all start out knowing magic. We are born with whirlwinds, forest fires, and comets inside us. We are born able to sing to birds and read the clouds and see our destiny in grains of sand. But then we get the magic educated right out of our souls. We get it churched out, spanked out, washed out, and combed out.” – Robert McCammon

I remember when I was six years old and I saw my first magic film. It was a cinematic adaptation of a Russian fairy tale about Ruslan and Ludmila. I was absorbed by the screen and transported into an enchanted forest inhabited by tree sprites, fire spirits, mermaids with painted skin and green hair, talking birds and dancing bears. I was there alongside the princess Ludmila, when she was abducted by a sorcerer-dwarf with an enormous white beard, when she fought off his army of elvish-blue…

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6 thoughts on “The lost art of transmutation (intro to Magic in Everyday Life)

  1. Dear Robyn, many heart-felt thanks for your reblogging and also for the follow up comments to the text and to Esther’s reply here. I confess I felt a little intimidated by your comment that I speak from “universal intelligence,” since I have never claimed it … but I suppose we all tap into it when we speak and write from our intuition.


    • Oh girl your humbleness is simply a breath of fresh air! I honestly was at a loss for words when I read your blog. “Blown Away” is the words I used to be exact.
      I wanted to reblog your newest post yet stayed up into the timeless hour of 1am and thought I would be babbling if I rebloged with a comment at that hour. I truly want to spend more time on your blog.
      Just a side note I drove to my office, saw my dental patients(Dental Hygienist) by day, at the wee hour of 7am and your words were just ringing in my ears, my patients were running back to my chair, telling me they were so grateful they saw me today, I just have so much gratitude for you right now, to speak the words I did not even know were there, as Esther and I would say. You are a deeply inpirational in-to-it ! Heart to heart Robyn


      • Your reply brought tears to my eyes, so I had to sit with it for a while. Humility is a new emotion for me. For many years I was a perfectionist, convinced of my impending greatness as a writer, though it seemed just out of my reach since something always got in the way. I realized later how much it was fueled by insecurities and a desire for recognition and approval. Now I write because I love how it makes me feel, it creates new worlds for me and, I hope, for others. It no longer feels like the words are something I own through craft or talent, but rather energies that pass through me. And it is such a great joy to hear that my words inspired and uplifted someone and that that person was able to inspire others in turn, like a domino effect. It is a humbling experience not only because it reminds me of what is truly important about the act of writing, but also because it reveals its limitations. Words may be inspiring, but the real magic of transformation comes when someone has the capacity to take those words to heart, and to breathe power into them by translating them into action. Words are inspirational only when they are received by a heart vast enough to contain them and a will courageous enough to act. It’s a kind of reciprocal dance, not a one directional flow. I feel a sense of deep gratitude to you for reminding me of that. Anna.

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      • Again blown away by your response. Feeling your depth is also such a HUGE contribution. I can only describe your words as the breath and depth of the one pulse that reaches me through the center of my being, the “I” disappears and oneness is what is left. I too have this history with ” public speaking ” seeming to end up in the center of the stage, whatever the stage may be, yet my experience was all about the small “I” with attention on “me” and “mine”. “I” too have tears of gratitude that I can see through “you” the depth of my listening, moving your words into action that is beyond the small “me” With Gratitude Robyn

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  2. Hi Robyn! I read this last week and was totally blown away. The author has such an amazing gift for writing! I think she explains things perfectly, using all the words I didn’t realize that I always wanted to use!

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    • Yes she speaks from universal intelligence and I am so grateful Amamda reblogged this so I could find her writing! Awesome you are friends with her also and found her words in the “one” with all that are to read this! Simply Magical my friend!


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