Earth Angel Insight Day 77-Timeless Space

IMG_0507When we enter into “the zone”, “the moment”,”the flow”, serendipity, we enter into this timeless space or universal consciousness. Time is nothing more than an illusion we created for convenience sake, and soon became confused by it. Getting to work or school “on time”, forgetting what our flow is, we step into “TIME” and “DEADLINES”. Just the word DEAD LINES can be an eyeopener to how DEADLY we can run our lives. Stress is the number one KILLER in this country. with all the focus on outer this and that, we can run our lives into overdrive, forgetting we are “TIMELESS”

Oh yes we watch ourselves age and the house and car get older, yet these “facts” are also based in illusions of fear. When WE are creating a world where “there is never enough time”, then life force ceases. Our creativity becomes stifled by fear.

So what then is timeless space? Timeless space is when we are so “in the moment”, that we “become” what we are doing. Our full attention is on it, for the pure experience of the moment. Whether doing the dishes, or at work, taking care of details, We become “ONE” with our “DOING”  and we are “BEING” timeless.

Amazing serendipity takes place when we are no longer live from the past and future, yet enter into the “TIMELESS NOW”. All the so called DEAD LINES become timeless lines, as everything gets done in its perfect timing, we rest into the miraculous creativity of universal consciousness as everything simply flows.

5 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 77-Timeless Space

  1. I actually hate the concept of time. I’ve caught myself rushing to work and then slowing down because why would I try to kill myself to get to a job on time? You know? It’s crazy how we act sometimes. I never wear a watch and we don’t have a single clock in the house…it’s just a tool that everyone uses so I have to use it, too. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m not obsessed with it.

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    • That’s awesome Lani! As a tool fine, as a psychological distress UG! As you know Hawaii is a perfect “no time space” when stepping away from work.
      Eckhart Tolle states that any “time” we are completely present there is no time. ONLY NOW. Thanks for coming in to comment Lani. Just saw your comment.

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