Earth Angel Insight Day 72-Non-Resistance

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When we awaken from the “dream” our ego based earth drama ceases to exist. We enter into limitless possibilities where the eternal “NOW” shines through. Our “BEING” through inner non-resistance, “ISNESS”, transforms form, thus allowing the “moment” to be as it “IS”, dissolving duality, where Christ Consciousness emerges “OUR NEW EARTH”

Heart to Heart Robyn

  • Robyn Cabral
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The Beginning of “New Earth” Change!

Maui we did it!!! Starting the beginning of big change!! Tears of joy as I woke up from a “dream” grateful for our “New Earth” here in Maui! Thank you to all who worked so tirelessly to get the word out to everyone and the Maui voters who came out to support! This is finally getting the national news “awake” to our positive changes and future for our healthier “now” Thank you Thank you Thank you! No GMO in MAUI!

Today, Maui, you have the right to choose the future of agriculture in your county. vote for a safer, healthier maui.