Earth Angel Insight Day 57- Death Transitioned To Peace

IMG_0472Writing this in this now as our Coco spends her last days with us…Whenever any kind of deep loss occurs in our lives….something inside of us dies…there seems to be a disorientation…a deep sense of sadness and pain can occur…accepting that it is there…being aware of any mind-made story, becoming aware of what lies behind the emotion, where fear no longer lives, this inner peace emerges.

This Quote from Eckhart Tolle sums it up… “Whenever death occurs, whenever a life form dissolves, God, the formless and unmanifested, shines through the opening left by the dissolving form. That is why the most sacred thing in life is death. That is why the peace of God can come to you through the contemplation and acceptance of death”


Heart to Heart Robyn


6 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 57- Death Transitioned To Peace

  1. Yes We have such gratitude for her! She bounced back this afternoon to her spunky self after medication, we are just in awe of her unconditional love, no matter how she feels she just keeps loving us up… as we do her…taking it day by day…letting her guide us…


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