Earth Angel Insight Day 59-“Waking Up”

Two nights ago while in an altered state, the influx of light was SO POWERFUL, it was tough to just be with it, YET BLISSFULL! , a form of death, asking this vibration to come in gradual, being told this is how “powerful” pure consciousness is. Yikes, telepathically hearing,  just “BE WITH THIS”.

With the agreement to be a Wayseer- time and fear are moving out of the way, with thoughts from the past eliminated. Being fresh in every moment, as each new now unfolds, Where awareness is the anchor, being propelled into higher states simply by coming from the stillness between thoughts. All that we have been looking for is in each and every one of us, unfolding with our agreements. Each moment has always been unfolding in perfection, showing us what we want. Coming into this lifetime to wake up from the “dream” and honor our collective magnificence, “our oneness” recognizing we are everything .

Heart to Heart Robyn

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