Earth Angel Insight Day 58-Beauty

IMG_1283In this moment of “NEW EARTH” “beauty” has its definition expand into the depths of the spirit, the connection to to all of life and death, as we are propelled into the higher frequencies, as old frequencies let us go, we “SEE” into the world with new “eyes”, no longer having “old definitions” of beauty. As “WE” the collective consciousness see with “new eyes”, we see beauty in the eyes of everyone and everything,  no longer defining beauty by the external, yet seeing beauty inside, where spirit rests.

Beauty is there in the young and old, birth and death, new and decaying , as our awareness shifts to see only “BEAUTY”..our world is BEAUTIFUL. Each experience shines light back at us, as we live in a light that expands brighter and brighter without boundaries. Our “BLISS” is inside us..gradually expanding as the veil of LOVE has lifted and we shift. The definitions we once lived by are gone.

Just a side note, Coco has been doing better, showing us such beauty in spirit and unconditional love… having  gratitude to all of life and its infinite beauty, forever changing its form. yet living forever in spirit in this eternal now. Coco has taught us to live in “NOW”, as we embrace this moment we are “LOVE” ,with calm peaceful beauty.

Heart to Heart Robyn





4 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight Day 58-Beauty

  1. Yes Robyn. You are so right. The definitions we once lived by are gone. And yes; I agree that animals teach us to live in the now. I’m also happy to hear that Coco is doing better. Peace and Love Girlfriend, Lorlinda

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