Our Little Dog Coco

IMG_0150I have been offline the last couple days as our 15 year old Cockapoo  (baby girl to us) , dog Coco, has developed a heart condition. She is my ultimate challenge of coming from trust, that this moment is indeed “perfect” for her, giving her medication to help her be her spunky self, and integrating each moment as it is. We have agreed, (my husband and I) that we would never keep her longer than what calls us to do so, letting her determine her time with us. I will be online less as I hang out with her. I am on Holiday, the beginning of Sept., being away for 10 days, and being “in this moment”, with her. Love to you all

Heart to Heart Robyn

8 thoughts on “Our Little Dog Coco

  1. Thank you Lorinda..Your caring helps.
    Quote from Eckhart Tolle ” ” “Once you see and accept the transience of all things and the inevitability of change, you can enjoy the pleasures of the world while they last without fear of loss or anxiety about the future” Heart to heart Robyn


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