Maryam Mirzakhani becomes first woman awarded math’s “Nobel Prize” from Stanford University, became the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal

Since I was just in Austin visiting my daughter this article came up on my computer to share with my “new” family as well.

So happy Maryam received this! FIRST FOR A WOMAN IN MATH! I believe this is a breakthrough for all women in S.T.E.M. Aly, Marika, and Julia all advanced in their fields with Math/Economics, Biology/Science/Eco Safety/Regulations, and Computer Science / Mechanical Engineer/ Inventor.Yet only 9 percent of these fields are filled by women. I believe that my step-girls and my daughter have respect in their professions.They have contributed hugely to their communities. Marika undergrad Math, Grad school Econ (Stanford), currently Econ professor at University of Texas (Austin)…Julia. (Molecular Biology)…safety and regulations, worked GE international, now Auto desk SF, and Aly Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science IBM/Management/ Inventor Austin. (All male dominated fields.)

Aly brought 150 female students from Middle schools in her area to learn about engineering at UC Merced, and was ambassador of engineering. All of these professions are wide open to women here in the US, unlike Maryam’s start which was much more difficult in Iran.

A huge thumbs up to all woman who stand side by side with their male classmates and co-workers making there mark on society and living fearless!

I added this paragraph for this article. Women of heart are the new leaders. We are the conscious evolution along side our beautiful male equals. Together we raise the vibration of our planet. Thank you to all Men and Women who give their gifts through their heart.

ROCK ON MY FRIENDS. Aly and I and friend this weekend in AustinIMG_1792.JPG

7 thoughts on “Maryam Mirzakhani becomes first woman awarded math’s “Nobel Prize” from Stanford University, became the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal

    • Your artistic “math” shines through like a major ray of sunshine, we all have our form of “math” coming together on the diamond grid, where our unique gifts give the world EXACTLY our piece of wholeness.No longer feeling less for never understanding algebra, as our gifts shine through.

      Just a side note I have no “clue” what the girls learned in math..Algebra let go of me in 9th grade… fascinated with geometry…I picture that kind of “math” in “light grids” Yet never became inspired by numbers…visual artistic images “math” inspire me much more! So you go girl!..BE WHO YOU ARE…an amazing creative unlimited spirit,algebra or not! Heart to Heart Robyn

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      • It(your brain) already has..your recognition is all that is missing..its a new form of math..math grids…repetition Ect.
        It comes at the perfect timing…one time I let it all in and I thought I was going crazy…I saw figures and numbers everywhere…We ask to let it in slowly..On the timing of our comprehension, We has the Lions Gate energy of “Power” right know and the “body” is going through alot. Heart to Heart

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