Earth Angel Insight Day 52- Upgraded Awareness

IMG_1375As I come into this Saturday after our first (ever) hurricane (tropical storm) past over with calmness  in our area , (the southeast corner of  Maui). I feel a sense of upgraded awareness, where my natural instincts have become the norm and all else seems to drop away. During the passing of storm Iselle, I listened inside to the mountains and volcanoes around us that were talking to me.  I told people that our Big Island was going to take care of hurricane Iselle, especially the two biggest mountains in the world., on Big Island, where the center (eye) past.

My doubts dropped away and I drove to work in the middle of the storm, I marveled at the amazing formation of clouds and the swirling of our beautiful ocean. I saw the remnants of  a many branches and wind damage, yet listened to my inner calm, the mountain inside me as I drove along.  This created a presence in my office where service to my patients was the priority, stillness prevailed and we were all absolutely at peace.

I told my girlfriend, there were others that had the opposite experience, even buying weapons to protect their goods,  if  the storm wiped us out. This acute awareness during the storm was a huge gift to me, where the stress of the outside world was but a glimmer in my consciousness. I was aware that sleeping was also vital as well, and that if my physical body maintains service for others, that I get my rest.

Coming into this next storm, Julio. looking as if it may go well off to our north, I am reminded that life gives us STORMS if we THINK they are STORMS.  Life gives us BEAUTY in the storm if that is what we see and BE. So in our lives when you are IN a storm, SEE through the eyes of  your calm still intuitive center, and as you look around,  life is AMAZING! With all the beauty that the moment brings! I will keep you posted on the upcoming storm, with its beauty, intuitive safety, and presence.

Heart to Heart Robyn