Earth angel Insight Day 51-Calm in the Storm

IMG_0446Many of you know I live in Maui, in the Hawaiian Islands, in the middle of the Pacific. Some of you may have heard about the approaching storms to our islands starting this Thursday, setting a record for two hurricane type (tropical storms) coming to the islands. As these storms start to get closer, the general feeling that comes to these islands fueled by the media,  is that there is much to be concerned about. so instead of ” BEING” “Media” consciousness in this moment,  I am “BEING” calm serenity.

We  have the ability to experience our life from serenity and calm, where thoughts come and go, “BEING”  the observer and the observed, fully conscious of what we are creating. When Nelson Mandela was in  prison for all those years he said he was able to experience freedom while being locked up. As freedom is not defined by our outer circumstances. neither are we defined by extreme weather. So to experience these storms as if through the calm eye of the hurricane, I will be making choices to stay offline until the eye of both of these storms pass. and will be rational with safety and the safety of others…trained in triage I will be assisting others if I am called to do so. Knowing all is well,  I will post sometime during the weekend with an update.

Heart to heart Robyn

6 thoughts on “Earth angel Insight Day 51-Calm in the Storm

  1. Stay safe, dear Earth Angel! Your calm and centred approach will guide you to take the right action if required. I hope the storm will blow out over the sea and pass nowhere near land…I’ll be thinking of you and sending you love. I’m looking forward to your update at the weekend 🙂 With love, Meliza xxx


    • Thank you Meliza The Big Island literally had our back and soaked up 14 inches of rain before it got to our island..we had downed trees and power lines… yet feel that we were the calm in the storm!…Waiting for the next hurricane to come to our north by late Sunday and staying in the calm…Heart to heart Robyn


  2. Yes ,that is true! 🙂 Keeping our inner calm is everything, and freedom comes from the ability to be tuned into ourselves and feel that our soul is free and detached from the material world with all its egocentric desires and temptations 🙂 I hope everything goes well with you in the storm! 🙂 Keep us posted! Lots of Love to you! ❤


    • You summed it up Perfectly Trini! “free and detached from the material world with all its egocentric desires” I will keep you guys posted…Thank you for your comment…Much love Robyn


  3. I love your approach to what for many would be an anxiety provoking time. Here in the UK we get very few storms and the ones we do get are mild compared to most. We had one earlier in the year…i paniced, majorly, i went round taping crosses in the windows (we have a lot of trees right outside our windows) and yeah i did worry, alot, i was home alone with just my six year old daughter!
    Anyway i like your approach, and wish you and everyone else effected by the incoming storm, well and safety.


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