Earth Angel Insight-Day 40-Within

This week I have joined in a writing challenge to find “The Angle” that best enhances my
rather than look “outside” for the answer…I said to myself “Go Within”…

Immediately..with irony as the calling card..I received my matter my punctuation..grammar..
spelling or fundamentals…I want my posts to best describe what it is like to go within and let go
of the external distractions…connecting to our spiritual selves together…with the light within being
my guide…to this place that is tranquil and still…bringing us together in a very high vibration…

Maybe this has happened automatically…yet speaking these words..allows for “The Angle” to reveal itself…
which takes me out of the physical…into our spiritual dance together…which sings in harmony with all
of life…bringing in more and more light…allowing for…rather than being against…

From this “ANGLE” “I” becomes “WE”…”THEM” becomes “US”…there is no separation…only light…
where “BEING”…with all it’s variations..becomes a virtual world…where harmony..serenity
and stillness guide us..

This is the “Angle” that says look and speak from within my friend…your place of high vibration…”BE” a guiding light..
as all is perfect in this moment…

Thank-you to my fellow bloggers and writing 201 to have me look deeper to “The Angle”
Heart to Heart Robyn

6 thoughts on “Earth Angel Insight-Day 40-Within

  1. We are one indeed!
    “We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces. Although we have the freedom to think and act, we stick together, like stars on the heavenly arc, with unbreakable connections.” Nikola Tesla.
    Thank you for sharing your insights!


  2. “I becomes we, them becomes Us”- absolutely my thing. Go for it.

    I am not sure about the punctuation, though. I can imagine most of this post with paragraphs, full stops, commas, without the words changing. Let rip!


    • Thank you Clare. I agree with you on the punctuation, full stops,and paragraphs. I cannot say that I will do that yet, as I envision an actual editor putting these insights together in a book form. With this workshop in my lap, maybe I will take myself more serious, and actually become a true writer. I think the Rebel Angel in me likes to leave out words, punctuation and such. My husband would say, no one in the world would think you you are Mensa with the way you write… HA!
      Thanks for the feedback! Robyn


      • Funny! I have been given many comments of this sort. I have found the perfect opportunities to let go of ego,
        which can be a serious word in that world! I like to say, yes you are RIGHT! Ha! Thanks Clare Robyn


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